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Stott Pilates Reformers from Merrithew

Stott Pilates Reformers from Merrithew

Engineered for precision and performance, Merrithew has been a pioneer in Pilates. The entire line of professional Reformers features superior adaptability, versatility and craftsmanship. Ongoing development by their in-house team of fitness professionals and engineers allows them to refine and continually improve the machines so they keep pace with the advancements in exercise science and client needs.

Their fitness professionals and skilled engineers apply time-tested scientific principles and the latest research findings to design superior-quality exercise equipment, suitable for near universal use. 

STOTT PILATES Reformers have a well-earned reputation for excellence. They can be found in professional sports teams’ training facilities, fitness clubs, hotels, spas and other exercise facilities in Canada, the United States & Australia.

The distinctive features of STOTT PILATE Reformers include its:

  • Patented retractable rope system. This system allows for precise and exact rope adjustments on the fly, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  • Highprecision spring package. Merrithew technology provides maximum extension, unlimited fluidity of movement and a full range of precisely calibrated resistance levels.
  • High-traction Reformer feet. Made from silicon rubber and PVC, they keep Merrithew reformers firmly grounded on all types of flooring.
  • Wooden standing platform. Study construction and a nonskid surface assure stability and safety for all users.
  • Detachable padded shoulder rests. These easy-to-remove shoulder rests feature extra padding for supreme comfort.
  • High-comfort footbar. This expertly-designed footbar has four settings and thick foam covering that reduces foot and hand compression, guaranteeing comfort during all exercise routines.
  • Neoprene spring sleeves. Users enjoy a smooth, noise-free spring extension when exercising on a STOTT PILATES reformer.
  • Quick-set pulley posts. Multiple settings are available for easy and exact adjustments of pulley heights and angles.
  • Easy roll wheels. These customized wheels provide smooth and fast repositioning, with durable performance and a long lifespan.
  • Customer choice of upholstery colors. Merrithew reformers come in 10 standard colors, but offer an additional 75 customized shades to satisfy the preferences of even the most finicky customer.

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Our Foundation session is a focus on the core foundations of the body. It’s a set up class designed for our beginners to get you started with confidence. The session is set at a slower pace to ensure you develop the understanding of the movement and feel why a reformer workout is so beneficial for your body.

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