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Benefits of Reformer Pilates for pregnancy

Reformers are a very popular exercise in prenatal fitness because they offer the ability to support your growing belly. This will help you keep up with your energy levels and maintain good muscle tone while giving those muscles under the tummy some relief from working so hard all day long! You can use this machine to do exercises that strengthen the abs, hips, buttocks, thighs & back. The repetitive movements on reformer also helps relieve stress which is comforting during pregnancy as well. Prenatal pilates helps improve stability throughout various stages of pregnancy by improving core strength and pelvic stability.

– Builds muscle tone

– Improves stability and pelvic strength

– Relieves stress

– Strengthens abdominal muscles, buttocks & thighs

Reformer Pilates for Pregnancy

Reformer pilates is a great way to get in shape for pregnancy as well! It will help you feel strong and confident going into labor with healthy alignment of your body. You can also learn exercises that target specific areas such as the hips or butt which may be feeling pressure from carrying extra weight throughout the day.

– Provides a balanced workout for the whole body

– Improves strength and stability in your pelvic muscles

-Reduces back pain, pregnancy related leg cramps & varicose veins.

Reformer Pilates for Morning Sickness

Reformer Pilates is also an excellent way to find relief from morning sickness if you’ve been experiencing morning or evening sickness throughout your pregnancy! It will help with digestion which may be affected by nausea. As well as aiding in fatigue because of the increased energy needed during pregnancy.

– Good exercise choice for those suffering from morning or night sickness

– Helps increase stamina and relieve tiredness due to increased energy levels while pregnant

Please consult your doctor before doing any exercise.

Ready to join the tribe at Vibe Pilates?

We encourage everyone, of any age or ability, to join us for a Foundation class and see what Vibe Pilates is all about for yourself. You get to have a play with the machine and have fun learning new moves across a 45 minute workout.

Our Foundation session is a focus on the core foundations of the body. It’s a set up class designed for our beginners to get you started with confidence. The session is set at a slower pace to ensure you develop the understanding of the movement and feel why a reformer workout is so beneficial for your body.

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