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9 Ways to Fitness: Simple Tips for Being Healthy

We all know that exercise is good for health. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation to start a fitness regimen, or even make time in your day for 30 minutes of physical activity. However, with these 9 simple tips, you’ll have no excuse not to get healthy! Add some physical activity to your day. If you find yourself sitting at a desk all day or commuting, try standing up instead of getting coffee from the break room. You can also take more steps by parking further away and taking the stairs during those quick errands throughout the week. Taking an extra mile walk with friends after work not only benefits health but it’s fun too! Get fit in just five minutes a day: Set aside time for fitness each morning (or better still, a reformer pilates class) so that it becomes part of your daily routine; otherwise, we’re much less likely to get our workout done if there is no set schedule on when to do it. Experts recommend starting slow – even if just for two weeks – before trying something new.. Swap a meal with exercise: If you’re in the mood for an indulgent dessert, try swapping it for a reformer pilates session. It will keep your health and fitness goals at the forefront of your mind as well as provide some instant gratification! What’s more, research shows that when we swap out one of our three daily meals with 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, like walking at least five miles per week, we’ll be able to stick to weight loss plans better than if they diet alone. Make sure everyone is on board: This can mean introducing friends and family members who have never tried working out before so that there are people to motivate each other when things get tough (especially those all too frequent Netflix-bingeing days). Try a new way of working out: Once you’ve been at it for a few months, try something different! You’ll get bored if your workout regimen is the same every day. Plus, there are health benefits to trying new exercises – from strength training and cardio conditioning to yoga and pilates. Don’t know where to start? There’s an app for that (or YouTube)! Get fit with friends: It doesn’t matter what type of activity you can do together because this will make sure both people have the motivation they need during those tough times when workouts seem impossible. Plus, having someone else around makes those walks more fun so no one has any excuse not to go outside in their free time! Make health a priority: If you don’t prioritize health, it will never be on your mind when making decisions. Put health first by setting reminders and saying no to anything that conflicts with fitness goals – like skipping workouts for the sake of watching TV or taking part in social events which might lead to eating unhealthy foods. There should always be an alternative option in place so there’s no excuse not to stay committed. Be realistic about your expectations: It can feel discouraging if we are unable to meet our own unrealistic standards but sometimes all it takes is changing how much we’re expecting from ourselves as well as providing more support instead of lessening what could’ve been achievable targets (like trying 30 minutes per day rather than 60). It’s also important to balance health goals with other areas of life – like work or family. Remember that health is a lifelong journey: It doesn’t matter if you’re six months into your fitness regimen and have seen the positive results, it doesn’t mean health benefits are guaranteed forever! Consider what might derail progress in order to stay focused on long term health goals instead of short term ones. Please see your Doctor before trying any new exercise or changing your diet.  Keywords: health benefits of exercise; exercises for weight loss; best diet plan for women; top tips for living healthy, active lifestyle

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