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10 Tips For Staying Fit While On Vacation

10 Tips For Staying Fit While On Vacation

As we head into school holidays, a lot of you might be heading away. Here are some exercise and eating tips to help you stay on track while you’re away from home!

1. Make sure you pack your sneakers and workout clothes. It’s so much easier to make time for a workout when you’re prepared with the right gear.

2. Schedule your workouts into your holiday schedule. Whether it’s a run on the beach or a yoga class, put it in your diary so you can stick to it.

3. Find active things to do as a family. Hiking, cycling or even playing tag are all great ways to get everyone moving and having fun at the same time.

4. Eat breakfast! It’ll give you sustained energy throughout the day so you’re less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

5. Plan ahead by packing healthy snacks like nuts, fruit or veggie sticks. This way you’re less likely to succumb to unhealthy vending machine snacks or fast food.

6. Drink plenty of water, especially if you’re travelling in hot weather. It’ll help you stay hydrated and avoid overeating.

7. Avoid sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks and alcohol. They’re empty calories that will just make you feel tired and sluggish.

8. Get a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel more energetic and be less likely to crave unhealthy foods if you’re well-rested.

9. Be mindful of portion sizes. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to eat everything in sight!

10. And finally, don’t beat yourself up if you do indulge in some holiday treats. Just make sure to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise as soon as you can.

Enjoy your break and happy holidays! See you back in the studio soon!